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The Onenesss Events System helps you find Oneness events offered by Oneness Trainers in your local area. Use the search forms on each page to locate events, Trainers or Sacred Chambers. For more information about Oneness activities near you, contact your nearest Oneness Trainer (search the Trainers Directory).

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Oneness Events - List View


To enable search by date range, check the By Date checkbox on the left. Then enter the From/To dates on the right or use the Date-Picker pop-up.

All dates are stored in UTC timezone. Expand your From/To date range 1 day in each direction to ensure finding all desired events in your timezone.

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Search Help

Easy Search

  • The defaults for the Search form are set to find events starting in the next 48 hours. This is often quite adequate and there is no need to enter any search fields at all.
  • For a more specific list of events, use the search fields to select events by location, pre-set time period, event Category, Type, etc.
  • Click the By Date box to enable the From/To date fields to search on exact date range.

Search by text - City, Event Title, Organizer Name

  1. Enter any portion of the text you are looking for into one or more of the search fields.
  2. This will find events where that text is found anywhere within that field.
  3. Example 1: Entering Wealth in the Title field will find events "Wealth Puja", "Weekend of Wealth and Prosperity", etc.
  4. Example 2: Entering san in the City field will find events in San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, etc.

General Tips

  • Search terms are NOT case sensitive. Entering Wealth returns the same as results as entering wealth.
  • You can search by multiple fields at once. For example, you can find all the events with OM in the title being offered by an organizer with Eric somewhere in their name.
  • All search fields are combined with AND, so the more fields you search by, the more restrictive and the fewer results you will get.
  • If you are not getting enough results or the results you expect, alter the search terms to make them less restrictive.

General Help

Timezone and Formats

  • The timezone, and date/time formats shown at the top of the page are your current preferences. The date and time of ALL events (regardless of where in the world they are actually happening) is automatically recalculated and displayed in YOUR timezone preference.
  • All adjustments for locations that use daylight savings time happen automatically and the event date/time will be displayed correctly for YOU.
  • Click on Change button at top of page to change timezone and date/time formats to your personal preferences.
  • These are saved in a cookie on your computer. If you clear cookies or use a different computer, you must set them again.

Event Listings

  1. A summary (start date/time, title, organizer, etc) for each event is shown in light blue box.
  2. If a webcast exists for an event, there is a Webcast button to the right of the box. Click on it to go directly to the webcast.
  3. If a website exists for an event, there is a Website button to the right of the box. Click on it to go directly to the website.
  4. If signup/registration is required for an event, there is a Signup button to the right of the box. Click on it to go directly to the registration page.
  5. Click on the summary box itself to show/hide all available details for that event.
  6. When viewing expanded event details, you can view the detailed profile of the organizer by clicking on the View Profile button.

Custom URL Links

You can create custom URLs to the events listing page by adding certain "parameters". This is convenient for creating a bookmarkable link that automatically searches for the events you desire without having to enter anything into the search form. You can create a URL that will automatically display things like:

  • A single event. (Great for marketing!)
  • A list of future events offered by one particular organizer.
  • A list of future events offered by a list of particular organizers.
  • A list of future events in only a particular category (like an OM event).
  • A list of future events occuring in a particular time range.

For the full detailed instructions on how to do this, please visit:

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